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Mohini Freya Dutta

Mohini Dutta loves games, culture, and storytelling. As Narrative Strategist at Antidote Games, she manages to occupy the nebulous intersection between them. Her practice is split between Brooklyn and Mumbai, depending on where the project (or the US immigration department) sends her. Her work straddles art, social design, games (both digital and analog), and design education.

Mohini Co-Founded Antidote Games, a design consultancy making playful experiences for understanding complex realities. She also moonlights as a visual designer, culture critic, and game design consultant for nonprofits. She has worked with organizations such as The World Bank, The International Federation of the Red Cross, O&M, Parsons School of Fashion, and Yale University. She has presented her work at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Allied Media Conference, and Indiecade. She has also worked extensively in India in many areas of film production, and in Indonesia, Philippines and Kenya consulting on game based education funded by grants from the CDKN, and RCCC.